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Who Doesn't Love a Candle?

Who doesn't love a candle is more of a statement than a question. For years I've been giving candles as gifts to friends and family for all occasions. Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, housewarming gifts, hostess gifts, thank you gifts, cheer you up gifts, just because I'm thinking of you gifts and the list goes on. It's the most appropriate gift to give someone no matter how old your friendship or new it is. I've never met a candle I didn't like. Well, maybe if it was a paraffin candle wrapped in plastic that came from the grocery store, but thats a rare occasion! Like when the power goes out in Atlanta and we southerners turn our homes into candle factories with every room illuminated with candle light. Grocery store candles are perfect for those occasions.

A beautiful candle is universal in the realm of gift giving etiquette and that's one of the reasons I love the concept of Wax Candle Bar so much. The candles are made with thought and consideration. Picking out the perfect container to match the homes decor, picking the right wax for the container and the best part is deciding on the most exquisite of all fragrances to bring it all together.

If you give a Wax Candle Bar candle you're giving a gift of love and thoughtfulness. If you receive a Wax Candle Bar candle you're one lucky duck!


Teri X

Creator and Candle Designer

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Atlanta, GA, USA

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