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My waxy obsession!

Some people cook to relax, some people work out and some of us melt wax!

Candle making has gone from a casual hobby to an obsession and I can't get enough of it. It started out when I tried to find a company to refill my used mercury glass candle holders from last Christmas. I thought I'd take a recycle/reuse approach for once and refill/reuse what I already had.

It didn't take long before I figured out refilling wasn't an option. I guess it wasn't cost effective and therefore no one was interested in a refill service. So, I thought to myself "I'm crafty and I can do this." I researched different waxes, fragrances and containers. I learned which wicks burned longer and cleaner and the best way to adhere them into the containers. I felt like I was back in chemistry class having to learn about flashpoints! Ugh!

Now I craft the most beautiful and fragrant candles. Each one is a hand poured masterpiece if I do say so myself. I hope you get a chance to love one of my masterpieces as much as I love them.


Atlanta, GA, USA

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